"Ok Danny, let's make a deal"
viernes, 24 de julio de 2009 6:46 p. m.
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What's your name?

Favourite member of McFly?

Explain why this member is your favourite
I've never asked myself that, I think "like" him the most because he has a similar personality to mine, or at least I like to believe so

Who you prefer
Danny or Dougie?
Mmm. Tough choice. Daniel

Tom or Danny?
Can't pick one u.u

Dougie or Harry?
Harry, but just because he's my fave. Dougie in person is like one of the coolest people I've ever met

Harry or Tom?

Dougie or Tom?

Danny or Harry?
fbgkfbgljgbldfihgb...Danny u.u

Danny, curly or straight?

Harry, blonde or brunette?

Tom, blonde or brunette?

Dougie, blonde or brunette?

What you thought of McFly in their:
'Room on the third floor' days?
Cool guys around my age that make pretty songs

'Wonderland' days?
"HELLO MCFLY!", Wonderland is just amazing, so far I believe that they were at their best both physically and artisticly (?)

'Motion in the ocean' days?
Looking even hotter, but that album is quite shitty for my taste u.u

& right this minute?
Right now, McFly equals happiness for me.

Do you like 'The Heart Never Lies'?
Yup, don't know why though since I can not relate to the lyrics, but I like it and the video makes me cry u.u

Bubblewrap or Lonely?

Obviously or All About You?
Obviously is the first song I've ever heard of McFly so is kinda one of my favorites

Walk in the sun or not alone?
Not Alone

Transylvania or Silence Is A Scary Sound?
Silence Is A Scary Sound

Town Called Malice or Umbrella?
I hate Umbrella but love Town Called Malice, so there's the answer xD

Boys Are Back In Town or Don't Stop Me Now?
They are equal to me

Baby's Coming Back or Friday Night?
Friday Night

Sorry's Not Good Enough or We Are The Young?
Sorry's Not Good Enough, though We Are The Young it's awesome, I love the energy of that song

Fight For Your Right or Broccoli?
Fight For You Right, definitely

No worries or Easy Way Out?
No Worries ♥

Honky Tonk Women or Crazy Little Thing Called Love?
Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Have you ever seen McFly live?

If yes, how many times?
Twice live

Have you ever met McFly?

If yes, how many times?
Like 6 or 7 times in 3 days =D

If you have met McFly, what did you think of them?
Dougie is the coolest person on earth, definitely. Tom is amazing, I've never been around someone as nice and loving as him. Danny was great, so funny and care free. And Harry, he's just Harry, he was nice and polite.

Where did you meet McFly?
Airport, Hotel, Radio, Hotel, Congo, Kika, etc

Where did you see them live?
La Trastienda

Ever made a banner?
Yup. We, McFLY Argentina, made one and spread them around.

What did it say?
"Thanks for coming!!!"

Ever cried at a McFly concert?
I cried my eyes out at the end of the acoustic set and then at the end of the show. It was a dream come true.

Ever been front row?

If yes, how many times?

Back row?

Would you do anything to meet or see them live?
I'd do it all again

If yes, how far would you go?
Idem xD

Have you ever recieved an something or an item from McFly or a member?
Pictures, hugs, kisses, signatures, beer...And the best days of my life :)

Do you have McFly posters in your room?

Ever been inspired by them?
They inspire me to keep working hard

If yes, what did they inspire you to do?
To be proud of being a McFLY fan, to create McFLY Argentina along with my three best friend and get as far as we are now.

Would you ever travel to a different city/country to see McFly?
Yeah, definitely

Would you jump infront of a bullet for them?

When do you think they will split?
I don't really know, right now I can't imagine the world without McFly, they're still so young and have so much to left to do

What would you do if they did split?
Dunno, cry? Be the most sad and miserable human being in the planet?

Do you think there will be helplines?

Do you think one of them will go solo?
I would like to think not

If yes, who?
Danny, definitely

What do you think the boys would be doing if they weren't in McFly?
Harry would be playing cricket and being posh somewhere xD Dougie would be working in a Zoo, as the main atraction xD And Tom and Danny would be doing music somewhere, I can't imagine either of them doing any other thing

Would you fancy them if they wernt famous?
Definitely Dougie and Harry

Do you ever talk about their private lives?
Of course, I'm a fan

Do you buy things 'just because McFly have them'?

Do you like/watch things just because they do?

If you could say anything to McFly, what would it be?
Actually I talked to them about everything xD BUT what I would really like to say to them is "Thank You!"

If you had one chance to make Danny laugh, what would you say?
Already did xD
I said to him "Ok Danny, let's make a deal" and he just laugh loud like he always does

Do you like Dannys laugh?
Yup, it's contagious

Do you tihnk Tom has a big chin?
Now I'm kinda used to it actually, so it¡s normal to me

Do you think Dougie is really ..'shy..' or just a dark horse?
He's a bit shy, except when he's drunk xD

Do you think Harry is cocky or sarcastic?
Nah, maybe a bit sarcastic, but definitely not cocky

Do you care?
Should I?

How long have you been a fan for?
Since 2004, you do the math

Whats your favourite song of theres?
Hard to pick just one

Will you always be a McFly fan at heart?
YES, forever ♥

If they ever done a come back tour, would you go?

Are you embarrased or proud to be a McFly fan?
More than proud

1 - 10, how much do you like McFly?

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