Want your bad romance
martes, 16 de marzo de 2010 11:29 a. m.
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The oldest child. The middle child. The youngest child. An only child. Sick a lot. Are planning on moving. Are looking for a job. Sleepy. Stupid. Lonely. Loved. Smiling. Crying. Watching tv. Listening to music. A hypochondriac. Happy. Upset. Anticipating something. In love with someone. Eating. Not wearing underwear. Wearing underwear. Supposed to be working on something else. Short. Average. Tall. Super tall. Wearing clothes. Wearing pajamas. Not wearing anything.


Feel sad a lot. Feel happy a lot. Hate Lady Gaga. Never get sick. Plan on watching a bunch of movies this weekend. Don’t act your age. Act older than most people your age do. Like hockey. Hate hockey. Like football. Hate football. Hate baseball. Like baseball. Like golf. Hate golf. Don’t have many friends. Don’t have much money. Don’t own any books. Own only a few books. Own a shitload of books. Smoke a lot. Think smoking is nasty. Think drugs are stupid. Love doing drugs. Like mashed potatoes. Don’t listen to music a lot. Drop your phone all the time.Listen to music every chance you get. Recycle. Don’t recycle. Hate school. Love school. Believe that the world is going to end in 2012. Think that’s bullshit. Laugh a lot. Joke around with people. Wear ties. Watch a lot of tv shows. Wish you had more time in the day. Like looking at paintings.


Never moved. Have never been to Europe. Fallen asleep in a class. Quit a job. A ton of friends. Written a poem. Written a story/novel. Written a song. Played the lottery. Gotten drunk this past weekend. More than a couple favorite bands. A lot of money. A migraine. A cold. A stomachache. A brother. A sister. More than one sibling. A lot of pajama pants. Only one pair of pajama pants. A bed. Fallen down a few stairs. Fallen down a few stairs in front of people. Have never been to the other side of the country that you live in. Already had your birthday this year. Yet to have your birthday this year. Napped today. Felt old. Felt young. Slept through something important. Slept a lot but still felt tired. Never been in love.

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