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Friendship Compatibility: Scorpio & Virgo.

The Virgo earth element may discover an interesting common blend with the watery Scorpio element. It seems that both individuals, when linked together, can be a great help to each other when discovering important life lessons in relating. Virgo is driven by a need to perfect the detailed events of everything in life, while Scorpio may become more concerned with the motive behind all the detailed workings of events.
It is important to remember that Scorpio has a need to tear down and start over, often demolishing old ways and habit patterns in order to rebuild, or start life over again. Scorpio can be relentless, never giving up once their mind is set in their chosen path. Yes, Scorpio possesses a tendency to lean towards being fixed and stubborn. They see only yes and no, black and white, with no shades in between. Virgo views every minute detail, and if any shade of gray exists, you can be certain they’ll grasp it.
Scorpio’s energy levels contain great emotional intensity. Virgo is not an emotional character, but applies a more logical approach to matters being somewhat of a more mental mode type, not at all similar to that of Scorpio’s strong emotional reactions when expressing themselves. Virgo approaches life by working on perfecting details, edits and critiques everything. This stems from their methodical approach to life.

When combining these two signs they both seek perfection although their methods of doing so differ. Both are creative individuals, yet at times both may become all too critical with one another. A helpful hint to Virgo is to take note that Scorpio never likes to be told what to do, so place yourself in an asking or suggesting mode when approaching them. Don’t get carried away with criticism or a nit-picking approach.

Remember that Scorpio’s perception of Virgo may cause Scorpio to sting right back, causing Virgo to go up the analyzing wall. Scorpio may tend to be just as harsh in speech when provoked. They are known for getting even, no matter how long it takes. A common detailed memory is evident within this union and Virgo wouldn’t want to leave any loose ends left to embarrass them at a most inopportune moment, when Scorpio decides to sting. Remember, Scorpio never forgets!

On a positive note, both will delight in equal observations, comparing notes on who noticed what first in somewhat of a competitive spirit. Once these two learn to adapt to each other’s ways they can be a significant help, not only to each other, but also assisting others through their similar know-how in problem solving capabilities. Let Virgo re-hash and simulate while Scorpio discovers the reasons why, behind it all.

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